Water Meter Company: Pioneering Efficient Water Usage

At WCC Water Conservation Company, we are dedicated to championing sustainable and efficient water practices. With innovative solutions like wireless water submetering, we aim to transform the way water is utilized, providing eco-friendly and cost-saving measures for property owners and managers.

Do You Know What Wireless Water Sub Metering Is?

Wireless water sub metering is a strategy that’s revolutionizing the approach to water usage in multi-unit properties like apartment buildings, commercial complexes, condominiums, and retail units. Here, individual wireless water meters are installed for each unit, promoting responsible water conservation and ensuring accountability. These meters measure the water usage of each unit independently enabling fair billing. It’s a game-changer in managing water consumption and costs.

As one of the leading water submetering companies, we specialize in such advanced installations, integrating wireless technology to enhance efficiency and accessibility.

Water Submetering

Why is Submetering Important?

Submetering is more than just a new technique – it’s a leap towards sustainable water use. By promoting mindful water consumption and presenting a clear billing system, it contributes to water conservation. Plus, with less water waste, property owners can witness substantial cost reductions.

Submetering isn’t solely about cost-effectiveness – it’s an active move towards a greener future, lessening your property’s ecological footprint and safeguarding vital resources.

How Does It Work?

  • The installed wireless water meters read the water consumption for each meter and sends the data from the submeter to a centralized computer system. This innovation eliminates the need for manual readings, offering real-time access to water usage data. We then generate the monthly water bills for your tenants.

For existing multi-unit residential suites, wireless water sub metering can reduce overall water costs from 75%.

For existing commercial office buildings, light industrial and retail units, the reduction in water costs to the property owner is up to 100%.

  • This setup allows property managers to effectively manage water consumption and identify leaks promptly, conserving resources and saving costs.

Can I Read my Water Meter Wirelessly?

Absolutely! Our wireless water submetering technology lets you monitor your water usage anytime, anywhere through a secure online platform. This hands you the control and the data to make informed decisions about water usage, leading to more effective conservation efforts.

Journeying Towards Smart Water Conservation

With over three decades of industry experience, we’ve established our name among the top submetering companies. Our array of services, from wireless water submetering to advanced leak prevention, are designed to empower you with control over your resources, minimize water costs, and contribute positively to the environment.

At Water Conservation Company, we’re committed to guiding you towards a sustainable future. Rely on our advanced solutions to transform your approach to water usage. Together, let’s pave the way for the future of water conservation.


  • No hard wiring costs.
  • Fully Automated Meter Reading system.
  • Exact meter reading and billing software system.
  • Fully scalable for large buildings or multiple buildings.
  • Designed for existing and new properties and retail developments.