Wireless Water Sub-Metering

How Does It Work?

Wireless Water sub-metering consists of installing in-line wireless water meters in each unit of a multi-family complex, such as an apartment building or condominium or commercial industrial and retail tenant units.  The wireless sub water meters then read the water consumption for each rental unit and sends the data to the cloud and then to our server.  We then generate the monthly water bills for your tenants.

For existing multi-unit residential suites, sub water metering can reduce overall water costs from 75%.

For existing commercial office buildings, light industrial and retail units, the reduction in water costs to the property owner is up to 100%.


  • No hard wiring costs
  • Fully Automated Meter Reading system
  • Exact meter reading and billing software system
  • Fully scalable for large buildings or multiple buildings
  • Designed for existing and new properties and retail developments.