North York apartment building with 168 units and a total of 174 toilets experiences a 38% REDUCTION in water consumption and costs from the completion of a WCC Water Conservation Company toilet tank tune up project.

The Numbers

The monthly water bill for the property before the project $189,600 per year or $15,800.00 or per month, or $94.00 per door, per month.

The prior baseline water consumption pattern for the entire building was 117m3  per day or 696 Litres of water per day, per unit.

The prior baseline water consumption included overnight leaks.

The Water Saving Project Scope of Work

The project included replacing 68 existing toilets that were either 6.0 lpf or 4.8 lpf to new 3.0L Pro Flo Toilets.

and completing the TOILET TANK TUNE UP on 106 existing 3.0 lpf toilets to stop them from running and leaking, with the renewal of showerheads, and faucet aerators.

The Results

A 38% REDUCTION in water consumption and water costs with the elimination of the overnight leak rate.

Water Cost Reduction

*Annual dollar savings for the building owner $44,446.00.

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