Here’s what others are saying:

We have already noticed some savings in our first water bill even prior to the completion of the job. Derek is an extremely helpful person, very organized and always a pleasure to deal with.

— Jagoda Heilman, Property Manager, Operating Engineers Local 793 Non-Profit Housing Inc.




… “I am very pleased to write regarding my experience with WCC related to the water saving project at Rodeo Walk – MTCC No. 877. The project included the installation of water saving toilets, water saving shower heads, kitchen & bathroom faucets aerators.

The company and especially Mr. Derek Waddell the company’s principal were very helpful and informative when it came to ensuring the success of the project.

I would strongly recommend WCC as a service provider”.

— , Property Manager, Rodeo Walk – MTCC No. 877





This is to verify that Derek Waddell, President of WCC (Water Conservation Company Ltd) most competently installed 254, 6-litre toilets purchased from them. These new water efficient toilets replaced YCC # 244’s 30 year old water wasting 18-20 litre original toilets.

With a 15% annual savings in water consumption with a payback time of two and a half years in this case, the entire COST-FREE and professional installation was a most appreciated conservation initiative welcomed by the residents. Two years after accomplishing the projected annual savings without a single product performance or flaw complaint by owners demonstrates both a wise cost efficient and sound environmental investment decision in times of rapidly escalating water rate costs (6% more next year).

The most practical financing option may be to include its cost in the Operating Budget rather than use the Reserve Fund or make a bank loan. It is recommended that all residents be adequately informed of the benefits and arrangements by way of a project presentation at an Owners information meeting in addition to supporting newsletter articles.

I highly recommend their efficient, product pre-registration and installation services.

If you use one of the best, ULF toilets, the installed product is not only bound to put the efficiency back into water efficiency, but also leave you flushed with $avings since the annual water bill component of constantly rising monthly maintenance/common element fees should be effectively reduced.

— , Property Manager, YCC # 244.




On behalf of the Board of Directors of Charles Hasting Co-operative Homes, we are pleased to provide this letter of reference for W.C.C.

Charles Hastings is a high-rise building located at the heart of Toronto. W.C.C. carried out a water conservation program which include the replacement our existing toilets with new pressure assist rear-flush that would use 6 liters of water.

The Board of Directors and tenants were very satisfied with the outcome of the said project and professionalism of the work of W.C.C.

We found W.C.C. and their representatives to be very knowledgeable and professional throughout this complex and would not hesitate to recommend any housing organization to retain their services.

— , Board of Directors of Charles Hasting Co-operative Homes




Eamon Park Housing Co-operative Inc. had the pleasure of working with Water Conservation Company Ltd. During their time in the Co-op and under Mr. Derek Waddell’s direction, the contractors installed 260 4.8L toilets as well as water saving showerheads and faucet aerators.

Mr. Waddell was helpful in educating the staff and Board of Directors on the different types of water saving toilets, as well as the financial savings that come from changing l3L toilets to 4.8L toilets. He also aided in applying for the rebates from York Region on behalf of the Co-op.

Mr. Derek Waddell and the contractors of Water Conservation Company were professional, courteous and a pleasure to deal with.

— , Eamon Park Housing Co-operative Inc.




Dear Mr. Waddell:

This is to confirm that Water Conservation Company completed a Water Savings program in our Co-operative.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent and efficient job completed by you. It was a pleasure working with you.

“I received compliments not complaints regarding the work of the contractor”,
Your company was very helpful.

— , Property Manager




Dear Derek,
Thank you for a job well done at Pioneer Co-op. You were very helpful, it was a pleasure doing business with you and Pioneer Co-op is looking forward to the savings.

— , Property Manager, Pioneer Co-op.




… the services of WCC and Derek Waddell, have been performed in a highly professional business-like manner and on a timely basis, and Cliffside Co-op would not hesitate to recommend WCC to other corporations.

— Kathy Schwab, Co-ordinator, Cliffside Court Housing Co-op Inc.



We found W.C.C. and their representatives to be very knowledgeable and professional throughout this complex and would not hesitate to recommend any housing organization to retain their services.

— George Borges, Property Manager, Charles Hasting Housing Co-operative Inc.




I received compliments not complaints regarding the work of the contractor. Your company was very helpful from the beginning to the end when we received our rebate.

— Patricia Randell, Co-ordinator, Trethewey Drive Co-operative Homes Inc.

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