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From water saving HANDS FREE infra red flush valves for commercial toilets, urinals, and faucets to specialized infrared sensor fixtures for health care and industry we have your water saving solution.


Solid brass construction with fully adjustable sensor eyes, adjustable flow control from. 35 gpm, .50gom, and 1.0 gpm, adjustable sensor ranges for all applications, includes time out feature to prevent sink overflow, slow closing piston-operated valve to prevent water hammer, piston seals are unaffected by chlorine or chloramines, all parts are field replaceable to ensure quick and easy repair and maintenance.

ADA Compliant. Meets all barrier free codes.
Water efficient models.
Improves washroom hygiene levels.
Includes adjustable sensor eyes
Quick Installation
Field adjustable

Choose From A Variety Of Styles – Faucets

Choose From A Variety Of Styles – Power Flush

Choose From A Variety Of Styles – Retrofit

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Fixtures That Save You Water


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