DATA is Everything

Older multi unit residential property with significant flood damage exposure.  The ownership group has previously experienced floods in their properties.

The customer reviewed other flood prevention companies and their solutions. All the other solutions had data reliability issues or an inability to provide complete in building wireless coverage for the basement and mechanical rooms without significant expense.  

The other flood prevention systems required multiple gateways dramatically increasing the cost to deploy the system and creating potential gaps in wireless coverage inside the building.

We presented InSitely and the MOND™ network.  The MOND™network is a single gateway network that provides complete in building coverage with easy to install additional inexpensive repeaters.

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Flood damages has now become the building owner’s expense –
not the insurance company’s expense

  • Insurance companies have reduced payouts, increased premiums and deductibles for buildings and portfolios with flood claims.
  • Previously wireless flood prevention systems did not perform well in high rise buildings as the building materials would interfere or block the wireless signals. Typically, the wireless signal interference problem is magnified in the basement.
  • Some wireless protocols are locked into a format not suitable for in building flood prevention applications.
  • Installing a building flood prevention system to reduce flood risk will also decrease financial exposure.
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The Solution

Better wireless technology produces more reliable flood prevention

  • InSitely has solved the in-building connectivity problem with MOND, “Mesh on Demand”.

    For MOND™ reliability is the starting point. Every choice made in the nuanced development of MOND™ has focused on reliability and was in response to real-world complaints and problems identified by customers from other in building wireless platforms.

    The MOND™ protocol ensures 99.999% connectivity, reliability, delivering flood prevention solutions to all applications while providing the most cost-effective solution in the industry.

MOND™ enables full complete wireless coverage from the rooftop mechanical room to deep in the sub-basement enabling the building to transform into a Smart Building.

Smart Buildings operate more efficiently and profitably by incorporating a wide range of IoT smart devices.

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The MOND™ Flood Prevention Solution

  • Starts with a single MOND™ cellular gateway installed in the top floor mechanical room. A single gateway with a few wireless repeaters provides full wireless network coverage for the entire building including the basement mechanical room.
  • There are no data limits with the MOND™ gateway providing unlimited wireless connectivity for an unlimited number of wireless devices.
  • Next wireless repeaters were installed in a few locations in the building to ensure complete building wireless connectivity.
  • The result is a comprehensive in building wireless network for less cost compared to alternative networks.
Insitely Gateway
Mond Gateway3
Mond Gateway2

Flood Alert Text Notification

Smartphone Text

We installed the flood prevention system in the building, then tested the system.

We activated a Turtle™ flood sensor in the basement mechanical room, in Ottawa.

The flood signal went up the building from the basement through a few wireless repeaters…

then through the gateway in the rooftop mechanical room…

to the main server in the GTA, a date and time stamp was created..

next the system sent a Sample Flood Alert text to the phone of the customer and closed the water valve to turn off the water….

All in 5 seconds.

Locations for Turtle™ flood prevention sensors

Elevator Controls

Modern elevator controls are very sensitive to temperature, humidity and water.  Keeping your elevator systems safe and running is key to operating your property.  Flood prevention for elevator controls is mission critical.

Elevator Control

Mechanical rooms

Protecting all your mechanical equipment from flood intrusion and damage is paramount to keeping your HVAC systems in optimal condition.

Mechanical Room Image

Main Building Water Meter

Main Water Meter

Building Hydro Room

Hydro Room

Central Laundry Room

Central Laundry Room
Sub Pump
Sub Pump Pit

Protecting you building infrastructure from flood damage ensures your building operates efficiently.

In suite locations for Turtle™ flood prevention sensors

Protecting you building infrastructure from flood damage ensures your building operates efficiently.

Under sinks

Undersink Turtle

Under the hot water hydronic heating rads

Heating Rads Turtle

Results of the Flood Pilot Project

The pilot project for the MOND™ wireless network was a resounding success!

The network successfully sent and received wireless data packets throughout the entire building, this underscores its robustness.

Confirming signal reliability across the entire footprint of the building, from the rooftop to the basement and mechanical rooms, is a significant achievement.

MOND™ maintained a consistent operation rate of 100%, an impressive result.

Proving the MOND™ wireless network is not only reliable but also highly efficient.

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