Intelligent Flood & Leak Prevention

  • Reduce Your Water Costs
  • Reduce Your Insurance Costs

 ADD Flood Prevention

  • Protect your multi unit residential or commercial property from costly flood damage with our comprehensive
  • Intelligent flood and leak prevention package.

The Turtle anti-flood sensor reacts to interior flood events by immediately sounding an alarm and sending an alert to you

The turtle industry-leading flood sensor can assess flood risk by differentiating 3 levels of water intrusion from simple moisture content up to a catastrophic flood event.  The multiple level capability ensures detection accuracy over a range of conditions.  Multiple sensitivity thresholds minimize nuisance/false alarms.  Minimizing false alarms will avoid initiating unnecessary water shut-off requests and involving building staff time.

The turtle flood sensor includes a hard sheet to protect the device from children and pets, an audio alarm, a 10-year battery life and can be configured to virtually any LPWAN type.

Once activated the integrated turtle anti-flood system will notify your building staff of a flood issue and identify the area of concern. For a large scale flood event the turtle anti-flood system will then proceed to turn off the water for that area of the building to prevent a catastrophic flood

The integrated turtle anti-flood system alerts your building staff while proactively initiating the water shutdown in zones to the necessary areas of the building.

The flood system can also include rope sensors for mechanical rooms and hard to reach areas.

– Features & Benefits –

  • Simple and non-intrusive installation.
  • Flexible: Easily scalable.
  • Effective: Accurately differentiates the severity of water events in real-time
  • Responsive:
      • Management: immediately sounds and sends an alert through text, email or mobile app
      • Occupant: Built-in buzzer alarm and LED for visual and auditory alerts
  • Proactive: Initiates water shut-off for major flood events.
  • Low Maintenance: Operational battery life is approximately 10-years
  • Communication: Built upon a cellular/Wi-Fi network.
  • IoT Solution: Cloud-based control provides the ability to activate / deactivate sensors remotely

Your Package Includes Wireless Remote Water Shut Off With Intelligent flood and leak prevention

The Intelligent flood and leak prevention package will prevent costly water damage in your property by quickly identifying floods and leaks in mechanical rooms, fan coils units, washing machines, toilet fixtures, prevent leaks in irrigation systems and reduce your exposure to increases in insurance premiums and flood deductibles.

Wirelessly Connected

The entire system is wirelessly connected to a dashboard providing you with complete visibility with 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring, immediate water shut off with email and text alerts of a water flood or leak.