Intelligent Flood & Leak Prevention

At the (WCC) Water Conservation Company we understand the challenges building owners and property managers face when it comes to floods and leaks. Floods can lead to significant financial losses, property damage, and disruption to residents’ lives and business operations. That’s why we offer comprehensive flood prevention services to help you proactively address these risks and save money. Our intelligent flood and leak prevention system is at the forefront of advanced technologies, providing you with flood detection solutions and mitigating potential damages.

Smart Water Flood Detection and Monitoring

Our smart flood detection system utilizes advanced technologies in flood detection equipment to accurately locate water floods within your property. When a building flood occurs, our system’s sophisticated sensors and equipment promptly alert you to the issue, allowing immediate action. Quick flood detection enables timely repairs, preventing further damage and reducing the overall cost of repairs. By addressing floods swiftly, you can avail of the following benefits:

  • Reduce Your Water Costs
  • Reduce your repair and flood damage Costs.
  • Reduce Your Insurance Costs
  • Protect your property from potential structural damage or mould growth.

Protect your multi unit residential or commercial property from costly flood damage with our comprehensive Intelligent flood and leak prevention package.

Smart Water Leak Detection

 MOND™ – The game changer

At the core of our technology is MOND™, for “Mesh On Demand”, a long-range wireless data transport protocol allowing for full building coverage from a single gateway. MOND™ does not replace other protocols but complements other wireless technologies by facilitating data transport.

The protocol allows any powered MOND device to automatically act as a repeater while it is still performing its primary functions like sensing or control. Typically hard-to-cover areas including sub basements, mechinical rooms are now easily connected to the gateway permitting efficient and reliable data transfer throughout the building to the cloud.

MOND™ is a two-way protocol allowing for both up-link and down-link messages without the need for additional gateways. MOND™ supports OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware updates to any device in the network. This solution addresses the practical issues installers (our clients) face in real-world scenarios. MOND™ simplifies any installation and reduces costs.

MOND™ eliminates connectivity issues for devices on the edge of coverage. With other technologies, connections can be sporadic due to building design, operation, and environmental changes. Because of the simplicity of MOND™, full coverage of any area is effortlessly achieved.

In addition to our focus on data, our competitive advantages lie in three main areas:

  • Our revolutionary long-range wireless networks MOND™ cover large buildings and facilities from a single access point (gateway or hub) at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors. Once in place, any sensor or control point can be seamlessly added, giving us a considerable advantage over competitors.
  • Our state-of-the-art products offer significantly higher performance and system reliability than our competitors.
  • Beyond flood and leak prevention products, our wireless network technology can be leveraged for virtually limitless solutions. We have a full suite of IoT products that can attract collaboration opportunities with any solution provider or application developer.

TURTLE™ The Intelligent Flood Prevention System

 The TURTLE™ anti-flood sensor reacts to interior flood events by immediately sending an alert to you and shutting off the water supply to the area effected by the flood alert.

Intelligent Flood Prevention refers to the flood prevention solutions offered by the WCC Water Conservation Company. It involves implementing proactive strategies and solutions to protect multi-unit residential or commercial properties from the potential damages caused by floods.

Our industry leading intelligent flood-prevention product, the Turtle™ anti-flood sensor, offers unparalleled functionality, immediately reacting to interior flood events by sending an alert to you and shutting off the water supply to the area effected by the flood alert to minimize damage.

The Turtle™ flood sensor goes beyond all other flood detection sensors available on the market today. Currently, all other flood detection sensors detect water, but cannot distinguish between a little water on the floor, in a fan coil pan, or an emerging flood event. The result from our competitors is false flood signals.

The Turtle™ anti-flood system differentiates between three levels of water intrusion, ranging from simple moisture content to a developing flood event. The Turtle™ “understands” the change in water level from 1mm to 4 mm, signally an emerging flood event. The multiple-level flood sensing capability ensures accurate detection of a flood eliminating false signals. The multiple-level capability ensures detection accuracy over a range of conditions.

Turtle Flood Sensor

The Turtles™ multiple sensitivity thresholds eliminate nuisance/false alarms. Eliminating false alarms will avoid initiating unnecessary water shut-off requests and involving building staff time and inconvenience. The water leak detection sensors can include a hard shell to protect the device from children and pets. The Turtles™ hardened shell can withstanding 180 pounds of weight. Options include an audio alarm, and a 10-year battery life which can be configured to virtually any LPWAN type.

Turtle Flood Sensor

Once activated, the integrated Turtle™ flood monitoring system will notify your building staff of a flood issue and identify the area of concern. For a large-scale flood event, the Turtle™ anti-flood system will turn off the water for that building area to prevent a catastrophic flood. The integrated Turtle™ anti-flood system alerts your building staff while proactively initiating the water shutdown in zones to the necessary areas of the building.

The flood system can also include rope sensors for mechanical rooms and hard to reach areas.

Each controller can support up to 4 rope sensors.
Various rope senor lengths up to 30m or 100ft
Ideal for mechanical rooms, hot water tanks, server rooms, pump rooms

Rope Sensor for Flood Sensor

– Features & Benefits –

  • Simple and non-intrusive installation.
  • Flexible: Easily scalable.
  • Effective: Accurately differentiates the severity of water events in real-time
  • Responsive:
      • Management: immediately sounds and sends an alert through text, email or mobile app
      • Occupant: Built-in buzzer alarm and LED for visual and auditory alerts
  • Proactive: Initiates water shut-off for major flood events.
  • Low Maintenance: Operational battery life is approximately 10-years
  • Communication: Built upon a cellular/Wi-Fi network.
  • IoT Solution: Cloud-based control provides the ability to activate / deactivate sensors remotely
Water Leak Detection Equipment

Complete Protection:Intelligent Flood & Leak Prevention System with Wireless Remote Water Shut Off

Your flood prevention package can include wireless remote water shut-off to prevent costly water damage in your property by quickly identifying floods and leaks in mechanical rooms, fan coil units, washing machines, and toilet fixtures, prevent leaks in irrigation systems and reduce exposure to increases in insurance premiums and flood deductibles.

Smart Water Leak Detection

Seamless Connectivity: Wirelessly Connected System for 24 / 7/ 365 Water Flood Prevention Monitoring

The system is wirelessly connected to a dashboard providing complete visibility with 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring and immediate water shut-off with email and text alerts of a water flood.

  • A universal wireless, valve shut off controller with sensing inputs and dry contact outputs.
  • water flow rate, temperature and pressure sensing inputs.
  • dual relay dry contacts rated for 120/240VAC 6A/4A