Flood Proof Washing Machine Hoses

Includes 5-YEARS of insurance coverage for the purchaser

Ingenious design prevents floods from failed washing machine hoses.

Washing machine hot and cold-water supply hoses with integrated anti-flooding system. The anti flood hoses consist of a water intake hose in rubber contained within a second corrugated plastic hose designed to contain any leaking or dripping. 

The flood proof mechanism will stop water flow in the event of leakage or a flood from the supply hose. The water shut off systems are mechanical and do not require battery or electrical power to operate.

With the purchase and installation of the FLOOD PROOF washing machine supply hoses the consumer will enjoy a 5-YEAR Insurance Policy. If the product fails to prevent a washer hose flood the manufacturer will cover the costs to repair the water damage*.


*Subject to a few limitations and restrictions.

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