Beverage + Water Filtration Equipment Flood Prevention

Protect Your Customer’s Property From Floods And Leaks

FLOOD BLOCK Your Point of Use Flood Protection for Commercial Beverage and Water Filtration Applications

Optimal filter replacement for your beverage and water filtration equipment

The FLOOD BLOCK point of use flood and water leak detector valve tracks and records your water consumption. The water consumption data is provided to you in a graphical format to enable you to accurately see your commercial beverage and water filtration equipment water use. Knowing the exact water use will enable you to optimally time your filter replacement service, saving you money and maintaining optimal beverage and water quality.

The FLOOD BLOCK’S smart water sensor is ideal to track water consumption and prevent floods and leaks for commercial coffee machines, commercial ice machines, soda fountain machines, commercial clean water filtration dispensers.

If water consumption spikes above a benchmark volume reading the FLOOD BLOCK will automatically shut off the water to that point of use equipment to prevent a catastrophic flood and send you an immediate alarm notification. Upon investigating the cause of the spike in water consumption by your staff, the FLOOD BLOCK valve can be quickly and easily re-set to continue operation. Once installed the FLOOD BLOCK operates independently without requiring any user input.

The FLOOD BLOCK operates on the Bluetooth protocol providing long term battery life.